A great place to work

A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positive attitudes vibrates continually to the tune of excellence and passionate team success. In Pumpkin Patch we are committed to create such an environment where Employees are valued, respected and motivated.


Training needs of the employees are identified and addressed. The trainings / workshops like Image enhancement training, Creativity workshop are conducted throughout the year.  Employees are encouraged to take up new responsibilities and challenges.  Competitions and games are conducted to enforce love for learning and bring out new ideas. In PPDC we believe that growth of an organization is in line with professional as well as personal growth of employees.


Different Fun and Team building events are planned to break the routine and relax for some time to get energised to work with full zest.


Employees of Pumpkin patch day Care are proud to be associated with it. Following bar chart from our latest ESAT demonstrates team’s sentiments towards their work