At Pumpkin Patch, we are committed to enhance the development opportunities for dedicated professionals serving and nurturing the children under our care. Our culture and lively interaction beyond work sphere supports not only the work we do, but our people in a variety of ways.


We are looking for women professionals who are qualified and experienced in early childhood care and also have love and passion for nurturing young children.


If you fit the criteria above, kindly fill in the adjacent form to explore job opportunities with us.

Why Pumpkin Patch is a great place to work

Apart from recognizing our staff for the tasks accomplished, we also value them for what they bring, the deeper intrinsic worth they add to the organization by just being there. You will be valued through mutual trust, respect and empowerment.

Each team member should have an opportunity to explore, plan, and create her future at work by designing a personal learning plan to achieve her potential and fulfill the organization’s mission requirements. With us, you have the option to transfer between various Pumpkin Patch centers and contribute to the organization in a productive and motivated manner.

As a realization to the passion, sincerity and commitment that our team puts in providing a nurturing environment for the children at Pumpkin Patch, we ensure that their efforts are worth it and offer a fair remuneration package as per industry standards and various other benefits.

The commitment to development opportunities extends to our staff through various training workshops conducted in-house as well as by external experts from related fields. Our ongoing rainings help you to remain updated about the recent developments in early childhood care and continue to grow. Training and team building sessions nurture a lively yet relaxed environment.

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