Community Involvement

PACE – Pumpkin Patch Assistance for Continuing Education

PACE was established in 2009/10 to focus on activities related to social contribution of Pumpkin Patch. One of the objectives Pumpkin Patch has set for itself is to contribute % of its profit to help deserving and needy children to continue their education.


PACE operates under the guidance of our director Mrs. Priti Rao. A guiding committee has been set up for managing PACE activities. Every year committee invites applications of deserving children from age group of 6 years to 18 years needing assistance, and make recommendations for support needed based on criteria that are laid down. The support includes financial aid and counselling to selected children.


Now  activities of PACE have been extended to distribution of books to Maushis’ children , donations of toys/books/winter wear to mobile crèches, blood donation drives, counselling mothers on parenting, donation of notebooks to needy children.

Aatmaja Foundation – Enabling Our Daughters  Visit Aatmaja

Aatmaja Foundation – a non-profit organization, is registered as a charitable trust on 25th March 2015 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, Regn. No. E-7109 (Pune).


Foundation’s endeavour is to provide financial assistance, special coaching, counselling, aptitude testing, and admission counselling and other requisite support to bright young girls from disadvantaged background to enable them to grow into empowered, confident professionals with strong values. Trustees of Foundation are Mrs. Priti Rao, Mr. Jay Rao, Dr. Pooja Rao. Mrs. Priti Rao is the Chairperson as well as the driving force behind the foundation.


We have selected 52 girl students for scholarship from  3 different schools Geetamata English Medium High School , Kilbil High School and Prerana Secondary high School and in the coming years we hope to support many more deserving girl students to achieve their aspirations.