Parent Stories

Sanyucta Chakravarty - HR [ Forbes Marshall ]

These are some verbatim  collated from parents

The creche has been well received by the members, especially by those who have enrolled their children in it. Roopali Pachpande, whose 13-month-old daughter Disha is part of the creche, says “I used to leave Disha with my mother-in-law or sister-in-law and never got to see her the whole day. Now I drop her every day, wait for 10-15 minutes till she settles down and then leave. I am also at peace knowing that I can visit her whenever I want to.”

She praises the teachers and helpers at the creche and says that the fixed routine helps her daughter form good habits. “The helpers also have a diary where they write down the time that she sleeps and wakes up. She has become attached to them very fast and loves going to the creche every day. She has also learnt how to kick a ball and close her eyes and meditate.”

Amruta Pathak, whose daughter Manasvi is one-and-a-half-years-old, agrees. “This is such a good idea. The maushis are so helpful and the creche so neat and clean. I used to leave my daughter with my mother earlier and she would sometimes go to her native place, which is two hours away from Pune. Here my daughter is next to me and safe, and I can always be there in 5 minutes in the event of an emergency.”

Aditi Mutalik says that her daughter was initially in a creche that was run by a lady at her house. “This creche is professionally run and the teacher and helpers are very proactive. My son Arnav was a little unwell and they gave him warm water and checked his temperature. My mind was at ease knowing that my child was in safe hands.”

She goes on to say that, “Arnav loves it here. They show him videos on sports, and discuss cricket and play badminton with him. Being the eldest child in the creche (Arnav is 5 years old), Arnav has become more responsible and takes care of the other children in the creche as well. He helps the teacher put back the toys in place. One day I asked him why he hadn’t done his homework, to which he replied that he was busy looking after the other children and did not have time!”

The teachers and mushi’s are doing a very good job.

Sucheta’s Parents, Wakad

We thank the  entire PPDC staff  for their dedication and love. Surely feel  lucky to have a world class Day care

Pratyush (Aashi Shrivastava) HJW

Hi Pumpkin patch team,

The daycare is too good and we would never wanted her to discontinue her from Pumpkin patch day care but we had to take this decision from heavy heart. Hoping to get her in daycare again when we get her admitted to some nearby school in future.

Aashi never complains of not going to school. This is because she does not feel this is different from home. Playing with children, learning daily activities, poem dance, watering plants, interaction and food habits of animals. What else can be better for growth of a child in this age.

Really thankful to Pumpkin Patch Day Care.


Mr John Norman (Sandvik Asia)

Good to see that we start early with Employer Bonding very nice

Ridhima's Mom

Very happy to know Ridhima’s progress report.

We have also observed her doing the things at home which we assume she has learnt in PPDC like babygym –  stretching, pointing her toes etc. And we are loving it.

She is enjoying being there & is always enthusiastic to go to PPDC whenever we ask.Thanks a lot for taking efforts for her overall development & updating us through this report.


Mr Eric Petterson (Sandvik Asia)

Amazing Experience , Very Secure place for Children

Mr Peter Gossas (President – Communications) Sandvik Asia

Wonderful place. I am impressed

(Viaan Srivastava) Vipul & Urvashi

Many thanks.

We are grateful to you and all your teachers and moushis for having taken such a wonderful care of Viaan in the last two months. My wife Urvashi and I really appreciate your affection and care for Viaan as indeed for all the other kids in your centre and have no doubt that you will always remain a preferred and trusted day care centre for parents.

We will surely visit you and your colleagues this week at your centre so that Viaan can say bye to all of you.

Please also remember us to Mrs. Rao and convey our thanks to her too.

Once again, our sincere thanks to all your team members  and we wish PPDC a great future ahead. As the first learning institution of our child, Pumpkin Patch Day Care will always remain close to our hearts.

Shilpa . V (Rishik Vemulu)

I would also like to give some feedback about Pumpkin Patch Day Care.
As it was our child’s first time away from home…we thought his first school should be a very special one…. I m really happy to see my child enjoying his school… I really appreciate the way the teachers communicated with children… They were very kind and caring… Even the moushis are so good towards children…
Inspite of language problem , my son has learnt many things in play school…. He can speak and understand Hindi very well now.
Special days like mother’s day, father’s day , children’s day etc were made even more special… Thanks to you….
My overall experience in  PPDC is really great and would really cherish and share those memories…
Thanks a lot for making my kid’s experience in playschool a memorable one..
One more thing…. My son is missing his teachers , moushis and his friends terribly….everyday he recollects everything he did in PPDC

Thank you

Gauri Khandel Parents

As already informed Gauri Khandel would not be attending the day care for some period (around 6 to 12 months) as we are going on site.

We, the parents of Gauri Khandel, would like to take this opportunity to thank all the mausi’s, teachers, and all the staff at Pumpkin Patch day care from our bottom of heart for taking so much care of Gauri during his association with Pumpkin Patch day care and this is the reason we would not like to withdraw the admission as of now.

PPDC has been a second home for Gauri and she has enjoyed coming to the day care. Gauri have learnt a lot of things from here and we would cherries those memories forever.

Once again thank you to the entire staff of Pumpkin Patch Day Care.


Ankita Mhala – Cognizant

I appreciate the excellent job you have been doing with my child. Thanks to your nurturing and creativity. He always looks forward to seeing you and all the other happy children. I have peace of mind knowing that he is in such good hands during my work hours.

Neha Ambikar- Cap Gemini

It has been a great experience at Pumpkin Patch Daycare. Arya was just 5 months old when she joined PPDC. With the support and care provided by the staff, she got adjusted in no time. The teachers made us feel so comfortable that we can easily handover her to them before going to work.

Sara’s parents, BN

We are very happy with Sara’s overall development. PPDC has provided her the exact environment needed. We are glad that sara is in safe hands when we are not with her

Vandita’ Parents -BN

We have a wonderful experience here. We have seen Vandita Develop since she was 7 mth.old

Pumpkin Patch Day Care has been instrumental in providing support at various stages

Sonal Verma

The opening of a branch of Pumpkin Patch Day Care at Hinjewadi has really been a boon for so many working couples in this IT Park.  The schedule, hygiene and planning at PPDC are very impressive. Commitment by teachers and Maushis is commendable. I highly recommend PPDC to all my friends.

Nishi Tripathi, BN

No words will be enough to express our gratitude for all your hard work.

Pumpkin Patch Day Care is indeed a home away from home for our dear one. You all have a very important responsibility of nurturing the wonderful little lives. And PPDC has gone beyond our expectations. One of the most satisfying things for me as a mom is to leave my angel in care of such a happy and caring bunch of people.

Anurag (Aarav Srivastava)

Aarav enjoys being at PPDC a lot. We are very satisfied with the balanced meals served. Also the KM activities  being carried out here are helping aarav  being more enthusiatic towards dance and music.


Amol & Ashwini Musale

Dear Team,

Thank for all your support & taking care of Master Tanish Musale.He was with you when he was 10 months old, now he is  3 years old. Such a long duration, we always relied on you for our child. He is developed a lot under your guidance & care.Thanks to all teachers & Mavashi for taking care of Tanish.

Thank you once again for all.

Shoba (Sai Raghav)

Today as I dropped Raghav at Pumpkin Patch Wakad, I was reminded of those tearful initial few weeks at your center!!!. From Tears to Joy… what a transformation in these 2 years!!.

I am so thankful to each and every person at the center-  Teachers , Maushis and all other background players who helped us in this journey. We are missing you all!

Please convey our thanks to all of them and I hope to visit you guys sometime on a Saturday afternoon to meet all of you and see the nice beautiful elephant paintings on the wall.


Sambit (Shubhan Mishra)

As per the relations we had over the years and your esteem support to Shubhan’s personal development, we, by heart,  credit Pumpkin patch Day Care for it.

We really thanks all the teachers , mausi’s and mentors for supporting Shubhan at all times and make him grow as a discipline child today.

Thanks especially to Swati teacher & Suvarna Mausi who took lot of pain to control Shubhan at his early days in PPDC.

When we come back from onsite , we feel the doors would always be remained open for Shubhan to get into Pumpkin


Arjun Aggarwal

Overall it has been a good experience so far. Very good environment. Teachers and caregivers are warm in nature. PPDC is a very good place for kids. I am satisfied with PPDC for my baby.

Shivani Mehra

Overwhelmed to know about Shreya’s progress in day care. Heartfelt thanks to Pumpkin Patch’s team for making our kid’s feel at home and give them so much opportunity to enhance their skill sets.:)

I have also observed at home that she loves to paint and sing Rhymes.

As a parent , it feels nice to know that your child is happy to go to day care which in turn , depicts how happy you all keep her.

Kuddos to you and your team.

Thanks and Regards


Hello Teachers and Mavashis,

Thanks for love and care towards me since I was about 4 months old. I was the youngest child of our Day-Care, and never realized that I am away from my home. I think PPDC is my second home. Every morning my baba used to drop me at PPDC and Aai comes to take me to my home. I learned too many things here in PPDC and I always loved to come there as I have made my friends there. Through each and every activity I have learned new things and enjoyed all of them.  All the days celebrated in PPDC taught me the meaning and significance of every color. I have attended all the festivals here, so never felt that I am away from my parents due to the care I was getting here.

In addition to that I got my first progress card from PPDC, which made me  happy and surprised my parents to see my progress. When I was not able to speak with my parents about the activities held in PPDC, my daily dairy was playing the significant role. And my parents always happy to see the activities done by me. Those activities made them proud of me. They always tell about the activities being held and how those are helpful to me.

Now I am shifting to school and the another day care, my first learning school will be always remembered and I will always cherish those moments. I will be going to miss all the fun I had here and moving to the further steps.

This is hard time for me and my parents too, as they were solely depends on the Pumpkin Patch Day Care.

I will always miss all the teachers and Mavashis. I will never forget love and in the disciplined manner.

I will come to meet you sometime, whenever it is possible.

Love you all.