What is happening

Events and Celebrations in March 2018

Yummy fruits and Crunchy vegetables

Theme for the Mar 2018 is yummy fruits and crunchy vegetables. Diffrent  Gmaes  and  Activities related to the theme will be conducted through out the month.

Holi Celebration

Our cuties will enjoy applying herbal colors to their friends & teachers to celebrate Holi.

IWD Celebration

 International women’s day will be celebrated for all our teacher’s.

Barbies Birthday

Doll’s day will be celebrated in PPDC on account of Barbies Birthday. All kids will bring their favorite toy doll along with them to the daycare for the celebration.

Pink Color Day

Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful & cute. Our pies will explore fun and engaging pink colour activities, crafts and songs on this day.

Show & Tell Competition

Kids will participate in this competition & speak about there favorite fruit or vegetable.

Teacher’s Dance

Our teacher’s will be performing a dance related to the theme for our little ones.